Jared Beckstrand, PT

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Jared Beckstrand, Physical Therapist

About Me

Welcome to Tone and Tighten, a fitness website dedicated to real people. I created this website for a number of reasons. As a doctor of physical therapy I have always been passionate about activity. I love being active – skiing, golfing, exercising/weightlifting, hiking, and spending time with my family are among my passions in life.

Being physically active has always been important to me and a primary driving factor behind my decision to pursue a doctorate degree in physical therapy. One of my greatest rewards at work is being able to take someone from the state of pain and inactivity and progress them to a previously enjoyed level of function. My whole profession revolves around prescribing exercise to target and strengthen key muscle groups to achieve their maximum capability and contribute to functional movement. I love what I do and honestly believe I have the best job in the world! I’m excited to be able to share some of my exercise and workout knowledge with all of you.

I am also the husband to my best friend and absolutely phenomenal wife who also loves to workout. Together we have three amazing children. After each pregnancy, it’s been a common theme for my wife to come to me for advice on exercise and different workouts that she can do to get back into her “pre-pregnancy jeans”. Together we have come up with multiple routines that are perfect for busy moms on the go. As my wife has talked to many friends and neighbors who have found themselves in the same situation, we have shared some of these exercise routines with them. The results have been fantastic! They have reported weight loss, increased activity/energy levels, improved outlook on life, and a more toned and tightened body. We decided this website would be a wonderful way to share these proven methods with all of you.


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    Online Do-It Yourself Physical Therapy

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