Dr. Jenny Archer PT, DPT, COMT

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Jenny Archer, Physical Therapist

About Me

Hi! My name is Dr. Jenny Archer. I’m a passionate pelvic floor therapist, educator and advocate. My passion for pelvic health developed in 2008 with the journey of my own pelvic pain, treatment and recovery that I had to find myself! I had to deal with pain for over two years while asking every doctor I met what could be done about it and getting no answers in return. Imagine my surprise when it resolved in just two short treatment sessions by a pelvic health therapist! I became a pelvic health therapist myself in hopes that no other woman would have to fight so hard to get the care she deserved.

I graduated from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in 2011 and immediately started taking additional coursework to specialize in pelvic health. I completed my training through the Herman and Wallace Pelvic Rehabilitation Institute. Since then I’ve completed additional coursework to add trigger point dry needling and have become a Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT) to better serve my patients.

Since my journey in physical therapy started I’ve become a wife and proud mom to two amazing kids. Becoming a mom in 2017 sparked a renewed passion for treating pregnant patients and other new moms. I’d love physical therapy to be part of all mothers’ birth story.

Motherhood can take you down a road of pains and dribbles you never want anyone to know about. My goal in life and in each of my therapy sessions is to create a safe place for all of my patients to be able to talk about what ails them and be empowered to conquer it.


Nashville, TN

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    pelvic floor therapist

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