My Dashboard


What is my dashboard?

Once you create your BetterMeTHERAPIES account, you will use you dashboard to maintain your profile, manage your account, and  create blog posts. To log into your dashboard select the orange Login at the top of the home page. You will use the username (email) and password you entered when creating your BetterMeTHERAPIES profile to access your dashboard. The menu on your dashboard will give you access to your profile, blogs, account, and billing history. You can make changes to your account status from your dashboard. 

How do I create or update my profile?

1. Sign up for a BetterMeTHERAPIES profile. Log into your BetterMeTHERAPIES account to view your dashboard.

2. From your dashboard, select update profile from the menu.

3. Complete the information requested.

**Please note your practice email will not be publicly displayed. Prospective patients will be able to contact your through the website, but will not have direct access to your email.

4. To make changes to your profile, simply edit information under the Update Profile tab on your dashboard.

How do I change my username and password for my account?

To manage your username and password, log into your dashboard and select Update Account from the menu. You can edit your username and password here.

How do I make changes to my subscription level?

1. Log into your dashboard.

2. Select Update Account from the menu. You must cancel your current subscription to make changes.

3. Once you have canceld your current subscription, you will be able to select your new plan type and submit your payment.

4. Don’t worry, your profile information will be saved while you adjust your plan. No need to start again!

How do I make payment method changes?
  1. Log into your BetterMeTHERAPIES dashboard.
  2. Click account details.
  3. Submit new payment method
How do I create a blog posts?

1. Log into your dashboard.

2. Select Make a Blog Post from the menu.

3. Enter a title, image, and the content for your post.

4. Select a category. This is recommended so that patients can easily find your blogs.

5. Finally, select the status of your blog. You can publish your blog right away or save it as a draft if you want to come back and make changes.

6. To edit a published blog post or publish a draft, select Your Blog Posts from. The dashboard menu. You can click on the blog posts listed to edit or publish a draft.

How can I use my blog posts in my practice?

Blog posts are a powerful tool that connect your patients back to your profile. Our BetterMeBLOG is designed to offer practical help to patients at home from experts like you! Your blogs are a chance to show off your knowledge and skills set for current and future patients! We encourage you to posts blogs on your profile and to use them in your practice! Follow these simple steps to create a QR code for a blog post.


1. Search for a free QR code generator. There are so many online to choose from like FLOWCODE or qrcodemonkey.

2. On the QR code website you will be prompted to add the specific url for your blog. To find the url, head to the website and search for you specific blog. Copy and paste the url into the QR code website.

3. Many QR code website will allow you to customize your QR code. You can upload a logo from your practice, change the color, and even the shape!

4. Download the QR code to your computer.


How to use your QR codes:

Each QR code you create will be for a specific blog post or webpage (like your profile). If you are making several different codes, be sure to label each one so you don’t get them mixed up. Your can use your QR code to create a document in Word, Pages, or on Canva!

1. Add QR codes of your exercise blogs to made a custom exercise sheet for clients at your practice.

2. Add QR codes to a newsletter or poster in your clinic to remind patients to complete a review on your profile.

3. Add them to a business card or postcard to direct clients to your profile page.

I want to protect my education and experience investment as a therapist by building my reputation through BLOGS and safe guarding my online representation through this centralized site.

I make myself more valuable by bringing my “patient-followers” with me to each place of employment or my own clinic.  BetterMeTHERAPIES uses their web traffic to drive patients to this directory at a nominal monthly fee.

Amber Graber, MS, CCC-SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

BetterMeTHERAPIES is a straight-forward answer to having my own website hoping patients find me.