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Introducing Your A-Z



a straightforward approach to marketing yourself as a therapist

You were born the be in the driver’s seat of you career, but as a therapist, you know that marketing opportunities are scare for yourself. Imagine if you had the tools you needed to market yourself and the steps you need to get from point A to Z. I don’t mean a how to pick the perfect Instagram handle and pretty colors for your logo. That grind can be depleting and unproductive, take it from me. I’m talking about the real, actionable steps you can use to identify and convey your brand of patient care.

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned in my 20 years as a physical therapist and business owner and created a roadmap that guides you through creating a brand that works for you and helps you work from a place of rest.

You’ll leave knowing the ins and out of how to brand yourself, attract new patients, and protect your therapeutic property. It’s time to get back in the driver’s seat and stop being a passenger princess.

Join me for an hour of no-nonsense, straightforward marketing without the florescent lighting of your middle school days. Pull up a chair (or comfortable spot on the sofa) with your favorite drink in hand and learn your roadmap to marketing. *This is a virtual masterclass so you can join from anywhere!

Ink it in March 28th from 7-8pm CST.

It’s time to put
your brand to work
for you


Hi there. I’m Kelley.

Founder of BetterMeTHERAPIES, a marketing platform for therapist just like you.

As a small business owner and physical therapist of  39 years, I’ve learned most things the hard way.

Now, I’m obsessed with helping therapist learn how to brand themselves and protect their therapeutic property.

There’s no quick fix or magic formula for overnight success. You can’t skip over your growing pains and your career isn’t always a piece of cake.

But if you dig in and you’ll get my keys to shift your mindset and build the brand of patient care you already have inside of you.

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