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Diane Waterman


4701 Trousdale Drive, Suite 211A Nashville, TN 37220

lat: 36.0762721

lng: -86.7598639

Jenna Weisz


111 2nd St W Dickinson, ND 58601

lat: 46.8806728

lng: -102.7870753

Karen Ilgen


1529 Sam Rittenberg Boulevard, Suite 1-D Charleston, SC 29407

lat: 32.8095657

lng: -80.0043409

Katherine Czelatdko



lat: 43.7844397

lng: -88.7878678

Kay Hancock


4550 Arkwright Rd, Macon, GA, United States, Georgia

lat: 32.9137995

lng: -83.6957085

Ryan Ryba


7777 West Lincoln Highway Frankfort, IL 60423

lat: 41.5062822

lng: -87.8038579

Suzy Campbell


5495 Carlson Drive Suite A Sacramento, CA 95819

lat: 38.5716698

lng: -121.4327621

Thia Triggs


SE 30th Ave Portland, OR 97214

lat: 45.513584

lng: -122.6347641

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Read our FAQ section below for information about therapy.

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Will my insurance cover PT, OT and/or Speech Therapy?

The short answer is yes! Most policies acknowledge the charge codes from PT, OT and Speech. Each listed provider has indicated the companies with which they contract services. As always, confer with your individual insurance carrier for in-network providers, up-to-date deductibles and copays which may apply.

    May I work with my own therapist or must I go with the clinic associated with my doctor?

    Yes, just like you can choose the pharmacy of your choice. You may choose any therapist (and hopefully one found on this registry!)

    What should I wear to therapy?

    Wear something loose and comfortable so the therapist can easily work with your body.  If needed, a hospital gown can be provided for access and modesty.

    Ex. If your elbow needs their attention, wearing a short sleeved shirt will allow easy access for therapy.
    Ex. If your knee needs attention but you are coming from work, bring a pair of shorts so they may look at your knee, gait and leg posture.

    Do I need a doctor’s referral?
    That depends upon your state. Since therapists are licensed by each state board, forty-one of fifty states allow some form of direct access to at least physical therapy. This is an excellent article which includes a map you should check out:
    While there is some direct access, many clinics, especially pediatric clinics will require a doctor’s referral for Best Practices guidelines.
    How long does therapy take?
    Most therapy sessions are scheduled for 20, 30, and 50 minutes. Your therapist will indicate the time needed for your session.
    After surgery, protocols are typically set for 6 weeks, depending upon your specific surgery.

    Start your search today and find a therapist near you!