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“BetterMeTHERAPIES lets me research and choose the perfect therapist for my rehabilitation based on their experience and specialties.”
“I enjoy looking through the BetterMeTHERAPIES BLOGS to learn strengthening exercises and strategic skills that make my life easier. I feel like I know how a therapist approaches progress through their BLOGS and I can choose who I’d work with the best.”
“Kelley knows how the whole body works together. She’s not like other physical therapists. She listens to her patients and translates it into therapy. She’s always willing to try new things.”
“With one click BetterMeTHERAPIES helped me find the perfect therapist for my daughter’s hypermobility. I wanted a therapist with plenty of pediatric experience, conveniently located and an insurance match.”
“After great success with my first knee replacement, I wanted to work with my previous therapist after my other knee replacement. I was so glad to locate Sam on BetterMeTHERAPIES to schedule my rehabilitation at his new place of business.”
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A Letter from our Founder

Dear Therapists,

“Therapists are not important enough.” That is what a clerk reported as she worked on the physician profiles featured for a large medical company. That’s why no effort was put into representing therapists.
What a sucker punch!

Therapists work closely with patients; problem solving throughout their work days, bringing their expertise and own special magic to patient treatment plans. You have doctorate and graduate degrees with their commiserate student loans to prove your investment dedication.

Who better to manage your professional profile than you? You develop home programs and generate loyal patients throughout your career creating your own brand. Yet, without an evolving, web-based profile site you will surrender your brand of therapy and intellectual property.

After 29 years as a Physical Therapist myself, this problem led me to develop BetterMeTHERAPIES.COM, a website devoted specifically to PT, OT and Speech therapists.

With BetterMeTHERAPIES.com, you will be able to:

  • Create a profile that will travel anywhere you practice
  • Brand your therapy talents. Brand your home programs and intellectual property into BLOGS so you can quickly and easily refer your patients to them and establish yourself online.
  • Preserve your professional status as you move through your career
  • Allow patients to find your skills. A location map displays your therapy services
  • Generate referral leads.

You can take control of your own brand and business. Therapists ARE important enough.

It’s time we showed the world why.

Kelley Southard
Owner and Lead Adult & Adolescent Physical Therapist, The Therapy Center of Hendersonville
Founder of BetterMeTHERAPIES

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