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Not knowing where to go or where to start shouldn’t be the thing holding you back from starting therapy. You don’t have to guess when it comes to finding the perfect therapist for yourself or a loved one. Better Me THERAPIES helps you find a local therapist that meets your needs.

Our therapist are featured by location and specialty to help you pick your best partner in your wellness journey. Read patient reviews and search their blogs to get to know your therapist before you see them in person.

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We take a different approach to therapy:

No. 01

We don’t think therapists should be a secret. It should be easy to find an expert that you like without crossing you fingers and *deep exhale* hoping for the best based on rushed Google search.

No. 02

We believe you CAN be your own best advocate given the right tools and information. You shouldn’t have to have a referral to start your own journey to a “Better Me.”

No. 03

You don’t have to settle for whoever your doctor recommends. Choosing a therapist should be like choosing an ice-cream flavor. There is a therapist that is just right for you, all you have to do is look!

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Jasmine Orr Williams Speech Therapist Near Me

Jasmine Orr Williams

Speech Language Pathologist

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Andrew Abraham Physical Therapist

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Speech Therapy

“BetterMeTHERAPIES lets me research and choose the perfect therapist for my rehabilitation based on their experience and specialties.”
“I enjoy looking through the BetterMeTHERAPIES BLOGS to learn strengthening exercises and strategic skills that make my life easier. I feel like I know how a therapist approaches progress through their BLOGS and I can choose who I’d work with the best.”
“Kelley knows how the whole body works together. She’s not like other physical therapists. She listens to her patients and translates it into therapy. She’s always willing to try new things.”
“With one click BetterMeTHERAPIES helped me find the perfect therapist for my daughter’s hypermobility. I wanted a therapist with plenty of pediatric experience, conveniently located and an insurance match.”
“After great success with my first knee replacement, I wanted to work with my previous therapist after my other knee replacement. I was so glad to locate Sam on BetterMeTHERAPIES to schedule my rehabilitation at his new place of business.”
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It’s expert therapy advice without the office visit or consultation. Snatch up some quick hit, actionable steps you can use to get on your way to becoming a “Better Me.” You’ll find advice you can trust right at your fingertips and steps to get you started in the comfort of your own home. Not knowing where to start is a thing of the past.