Kelley Southard - July 04, 2022

How to make more money as a PT, OT, or SLP in 3 steps

How to make more money as a physical, occupational, or speech therapist is a topic that is top of mind in today’s economy. These simple tips will help you learn create financial stability for yourself and your family.

Therapists have traditionally been termed “allied medical professionals” and regarded as support staff within hospitals and clinics.

As “support staff”, therapists find themselves as commodities who are easily replaced. View most hospital or clinic websites and you will see which roles are promoted. Hint, hint it won’t be the therapists. Most clinics hire a marketing professional to create, manage, and post those staff profiles, but little to no attention is given to therapists.

With advanced degrees and direct access to patients, therapists must protect their educational investment by branding themselves as more than “allied medical professionals.” Without branding themselves, they won’t be able to make more money. Who better to invest in a therapist’s career than the therapist themselves?

Three Ideas for How to Make More Money

Three Ideas For How To Make More Money

  1. Build Brand Loyalty– You may have the same degree as your classmates, but developing your patient following creates brand loyalty. Build your brand loyalty with a reputable online representation. Register with LinkedIn, use GoDaddy to capture your domain name, and Google to establish a professional email account. Building brand loyalty creates a professional reputation that you are trustworthy and dependable, which is how to make more money as a therapist.
  2. Subscribe and be found on the – This website was created exclusively for PT, OT & Speech Therapists. For less than your monthly coffee or a subscription fee, you can be found as a therapist by specialty, expertise, or location. Though LinkedIn is free, patients are simply not looking for their therapist on LinkedIn. More patients are looking through Google to find a therapists and BetterMeTHERAPIES is easily visible. Visibility is how to make more money as a therapist! BetterMeTHERAPIES creates visibility with our content every week and works with an SEO specialist to draw more traffic to our website. Increased visibility means you can make more money as more and more patients find you.
  3. Capture and Store All of Your Intellectual Property– Build a digital curriculum vitae by blogging about what you learned at the latest conference you attended. Create a video if you speak to a civic group, your local church, or conference. On BetterMeTHERAPIES, you can post all your content publicly. Create a title and several paragraphs about your subject matter, and post your content to show off your knowledge and skill sets a therapist. Take a look at our BetterMe BLOG for examples and inspiration of how to use your intellectual property to build your career and make more money. Here is just one example of content we’ve posted about occupational therapy for toddlers.

Choose BetterMeTHERAPIES to Make More Money

Seeking a raise? Your profile on BetterMeTHERAPIES positions yourself in patient’s paths when they are searching for solutions. You are easily visible and have reviews and blogs to establish yourself as a valuable asset to the team. Be confident making more money!

Establishing yourself as an expert speaker? Your blog content creates a portfolio of your knowledge and expertise. Brand yourself as the expert patients are looking for and you can make more money.

Planning to open your own clinic? You don’t have to start from scratch to build patient reviews and feedback. You are already visible as an establish provider. All you need is an update to your logo and location! Don’t spend a year slowly growing from nothing. Leverage your brand on BetterMeTHERAPIES and make more money as your clinic grows quickly.

By controlling your online reputation through BetterMeTHERAPIES, you create visibility, brand loyalty, and reinforce your professional prosperity. Be confident about how to make more money as a therapist.

Join the community on and maximize your potential as a therapist.

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