Dana Cary - June 28, 2022

8 Stress Free Potty Training Tips and Tricks

These 8 best potty training tips and tricks will get your youngster potty trained in no time. These will give you some guidance and help you along the potty-training journey. Enjoy!

Stress Free Potty Training Tips and Tricks

Stress Free Potty Training Tips and Tricks

The first thing to consider if if you little on is ready to potty train. Check out my other video for the signs your child is ready to potty train. Once your kiddo is ready check out this list of my stress free potty training tips!

  1. Gather the Right Supplies-Use a potty training chair or seat, buy some disposable wipes, set aside time to work on potty training. It does require a bit of patience and continued effort. If you are able to, I recommend planning to use a long weekend to start potty training!
  2. Read a Book– Read stories to you kid so they understand the concept of potty training before they even begin!
  3. Set a Schedule– Set a time for every 20-30 minutes. When the timer goes off take your little one to the potty.
  4. Period of Nakedness– This may sound odd, but spend the first few days of potty training where you child only wears a shirt. We want to break their lifelong habit of using their diapers and we want to remove anything that feels like a diaper. It may be beneficial to block off parts of the house to avoid accidents all over your house! When to Use Pull-Ups- After your child begins to successfully use the potty you can introduce big boy underwear or pull-up back. This ensure they don’t associate pull-ups as diapers and they will continue to use the potty.
  5. Celebrate!– Every time a child goes on the potty, reward them! Use skittles or screen time or whatever motivates them as a reward.
  6. Avoid the Stand and Pee– If you are potty training a boy, don’t introduce the stand and pee too soon. Have them master using the potty sitting down first! You can use cheerios as target practice whenever you do start the standing to pee.
  7. Make Potty Training Fun– Use books and songs to engage your child in potty training and keep them motivated.
  8. Model Potty Training– Have your kid use their favorite animals to pretend potty training.

Watch My 8 Best Potty Training Tips and Tricks Video

Other Stress Free Potty Training Tips and Tricks

Favorite potty training songs:

  • “The Poop Song” by GrowingSound on YouTube
  • “Potty Time” by Sesame Street on YouTube
  • “Potty Time Theme Song” by Funtastic TV
  • Kid Songs and Nursery Rhymes on YouTube
  • “I Can Pee and Poop on the Potty” by Potty Training on YouTube
  • “Potty Song” by Little Baby Bum on YouTube

Favorite potty training books:

  • “Potty” by Leslie Patricelli
  • “Big Girl Panties” by Fran Manushkin
  • “Everyone Poops” by Taro Gomi
  • “Potty Superhero: Get Ready for Big Boy Pants!” by Parragon Books
  • “Once Upon a Potty” by Alona Frankel

Check out my YouTube Channel for more helpful video or read more of my BetterMe BLOGs.

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