Kelli Meyer - June 16, 2022

Help a Non-Verbal Child Talk with 3 Easy Tips

Knowing how to help a non-verbal child talk can be overwhelming and frustrating!

This video centers around a question from a parent who says my child is not currently imitating sounds, words or gesture, is not using eye contact, is not attending to toys and pulls me to communicate.

Help a Non-Verbal Child Talk

Tips to Help A Non-Verbal Child Talk

1) Eye Contact– If your child is pulling you from your seat on the couch, stay in your chair until they look at you. Then model the words that you want them to say.

2) STAY and PLAY

3) Imitate– blow raspberries, make funny noises, put them on your feet, paint your nose, etc

Check out my website for more helpful at-home tips and videos.

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