Dana Cary - June 10, 2022

10 Minute Core Strengthening Games for Simple Toddler Friendly Fun

Airplane wings is a fun core strengthening games for toddlers

Here are 12 core strengthening games that can be played in under 10 minutes each. Core strength plays an important role in our children’s development. Poor core strength, can lead to difficulty controlling fine motor skills, such as handwriting, and participating in gross motor activities like school sport. Use the 10 simple kid friendly exercises to make core strengthening fun for everyone!

12 Core Strengthening Games

  • King of the pillow– Place a pillow on the floor and have your child kneel and balance without falling off. You can gently toss balls for them to catch as they maintain their balance or push them so they have to maintain their balance.
  • Draw with Your Feet– Tape a piece of paper to the wall and sit next to it. Place am maker between your feet or toes and draw a picture. Play a game of Pictionary!
  • Sit-Up Toy Retrieval– Place your child’s favorite toys behind them just out of reach and a bowl in front of them. Have you child learn back to grab a toy and then sit up to place the object into the bowl. Then reverse the game! Place the toys at their feet and the bowl by their head. Have them pick up the toy with their feet sit up to grab it and then place it into the bowl.
  • Foot Pick-Ups– Then reverse the game! Place the toys at their feet and the bowl by their head. Have them pick up the toy with their feet, lift their legs to pass it to their hands, and then place it into the bowl.
  • Toy Twists– Have your child sit on the floor, slightly learned back with their legs bent in front of them. Have them twist to pick up toys on one side and then rotate to place it in the bowl on the other side.
  • Controlled Toy Lowers– Have your child lay on their back and lift their legs into the air. Place a soft toy in between their feet. Have them slowly lower the toy and place it into the bowl.
  • Crab Walks– Have your bowl on one side the room with toys on the other. Start on the side with the toys and have them assume the crab walk portion with their bottom in the air. Place a toy on their belly and have them crab walk across the room, balancing the toy and place it into the bowl.
  • Bear Walks– Same set up as crab walk, but use a bear walk to move toys from one side of the room to the bowl.
  • Wheelbarrow Walks- Brace you child’s feet on the sofa or use a partner so their hand are touching the ground. Have them use one hand to pick up a toy, transfer it to the bowl.
  • Airplane Wings– Lay on your belly and stretch you arms out. Have them lift their legs up into the arm, reach forward to grab a toy in each hand and them place them into a bowl on either side of their body.
  • Wall Ball Roll-Ups-Lay on their back and walk the ball up the wall and then slowly bring it down.
  • Pillow Kicks– Use a pillow and practice kicking the pillow.

Core Strengthening Games Video