Dana Cary - June 01, 2022

15+ Easy Stations for Indoor Obstacle Course

Obstacle courses are not only a blast, but they keep kids entertained for long periods of time. They are also a wonderful opportunity for exercise and build their gross motor skills. They challenge our kids motor planning skills. These fifteen station provide easy ways to build an obstacle course . The best part is you don’t need a ton of space, planning time, or fancy materials to do this! These stations can be rotated weekly to keep your kiddo interested!

Fifteen Indoor Obstacle Course Stations

Tunnels make a great indoor obstacle course for kids
  • Ball Toss– Toss balls into a laundry basket
  • Balance Beam– Use painters tape, a jumprope, or a rolled up rug to create a balance beam on the floor
  • Ping Pong Balance– Balance a cotton ball on a spoon while walking across the room
  • Ball Drop– Brace soccer or basketball between your child legs and have then hold a tennis ball in each hand. Hop forward across the room without dropping the balls!
  • Stack the Cans– Stack cans or blocks on top of each other to make a tall tower
  • Tunnel Crawl– Use your kid’s tunnel at home and crawl underneath. Make your own with two chair and a towel or drape a large sheet over your kitchen table!
  • Pillow Hops– Place pillows across the floor and have your child hop from one pillow to another without falling
  • Cup Stack– Use plastic cups to stack a pyramid
  • Book Balance– Balance a book or magazine on your head as you walk across the room
  • Potato Sack Jumps– Use a reusable grocery bag or pillow case. Place both feet inside and hope across the room
  • Water Squeeze– Use a sponge to transfer water from one bowl to another.
  • Paper Plate Bear Walk– Place four paper plate on the floor. Each hand and foot should be placed on a plate. Slowly slide the plates across the floor as you crawl.
  • Paper Plate Skate– Stand with each foot on a paper plate. Skate across the room
  • Ball Balance– Balance a ball on a cutting board as you walk across the room
  • Letter Match– Place sticky notes around the room with letters or shapes on them. Have your child bear walk or crawl across the floor to match the sticky notes.

Watch the Indoor Obstacle Course Video

This video features 15 quick and easy stations you can incorporate into your indoor obstacle course at home to challenge your child’s gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and motor planning development. Very minimal set-up required and household materials only. Enjoy and have fun getting some exercise! Watch my YouTubeChannel for more video likes this or read my BetterMe BLOGS here!

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