Dana Cary - May 27, 2022

10 Easy Core Strengthening Exercises for Toddlers

These 10 easy core strengthening exercises for toddlers! Core strength is a foundational skill all toddlers need. If a child has poor core strength, they will may have difficulty controlling fine motor skills, such as handwriting, and participating in gross motor activities like school sport. Each of these core strengthening exercises for toddlers takes only a few minutes to do, and are easy to slip into your daily routine.

Easy Core Strengthening Exercises for Toddlers

Sitting crisscross applesauce is an easy way to build core strength for your toddler

1. Crisscross Apple-Sauce– Have you toddler sit crisscross applesauce to complete a puzzle or other fine motor skills task. Taking away their back support and having them support themselves builder core strength. You can increase the challenge by having sit on an unstable surface such as a pillow to gain postural control.

2. High Kneel-Have your toddler kneel on the floor and lift their bottom so it’s no longer resting on their heels. They can sit up and play catch with you or play at a low table while supporting themselves. You can increase the challenge by having kneel on an unstable surface such as a pillow to gain postural control.

3. Pillow Standing– Have your toddler stand on a pillow and play catch with you. Make it a game and challenge them to not fall off the pillow while catching the ball. See how many they can catch before they step off! The more unstable surfaces you toddler introduced to, the more it will challenge their balance, postural control, and core strength. 

4. Pillow Run– Create a pillow obstacle course. Lay pillow down all over the floor with one puzzle piece on top of each pillow. Have your child step from pillow to pillow and collect the puzzle pieces. Then assemble the puzzle together on the other side of the room!

Easy core strengthening exercises for toddlers.

5. Prone Puzzle– Have your toddler lay on their tummy to complete a puzzle, draw a picture, or read a book on on the floor. This is a great core strengthening exercises for toddlers and also build strength in their upper extremities.

6. Couch Cushion Prone Puzzle– Stack up a few couch cushion or use an exercise ball for this activity. Have your toddler lay belly down on the cushion or exercise ball. Their arms should be full extended which strengthening their arms and neck. Have them complete an activity such as picking up cotton balls with a spoon or complete a puzzle.

7. Toy Twist Over Cushion– Have your toddler sit on top of a couch cushion with their legs handing off either side. Place balls or puzzle pieces slightly behind them on one side. Have your toddler rotate their torso to pick up a ball off the floor without falling off the cushion. Then rotate to the other side and drop the ball into a basket or complete the puzzle. Be sure to maximize your toddler’s rotation.

8. London Bridge– Have your toddler lay on their back on the floor. Using their legs, bridge their body up off the floor and see how long they can hold this position before the bridge falls! Sing the London Bridge Song and scoot toy cars underneath them for added fun! This activity strengthens their core and their glutes!

Crawling is the perfect core strengthening exercise for your toddler.

9. Crawling Race– Have your toddler crawl from one side of the room to collect puzzle pieces. Then have them crawl back to complete the puzzle. Crawling challenges their extremely strength because they are using their hands, shoulders, neck, upper back, and tummy!

10. Squat & Toss– Have you toddler start standing. Roll them a ball or toy car. Have then squat down to pick up the toy and send it back to you. This challenges their core strength and their leg strength. For an added challenge have them stand on a pillow.

Check out my video for more information about these core strengthening exercises for toddlers. Read more of my BetterMe BLOGS for more helpful tips or visit my YouTube Channel!

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