Kelli Meyer - May 25, 2022

6 Ways to Improve Your Child’s Attention Span

Six ways to improve your child’s attention span at home during play at home. These activities are modeled with 2 toys, Ring stacker and bubbles, that can be used to INCREASE your child’s attention span to an age-appropriate level, targeting those PRE-LINGUISTIC SKILLS! Skills all children meet before they learn to talk!

Keep in mind your child’s attention span when building stamina. Attention span is how long will a child play or attend to an object or toy without parent interaction. What is typical attention span in toddlers? Answer: 2 times their age in minutes (Ex: 2 years old = 4 minutes, 2.5 years old = 5 min, etc)

Six Ways to Improve Your Child's Attention Span During At-Home Play

Six Ways to Improve Your Child’s Attention Span

  1. MAKE IT FUN! If it’s not FUN enough or the child doesn’t know how much fun the activity is, model it! Show your child what to do and then use the quick hand over assistance. If the activity is TOO HARD, quick fix to make the task EASIER! Be ready to adjust the task to make it appropriate and engaging for your child!
  2. BE SILLY! BE CLUMSY! Drop the item or put it on your head and sneeze it off, or play “where did it go?!” Play with the items the same way your child would play with them! This will keep them engaged and improve their attention span.
  3. ADD A FUN REINFORCER! Add onto your already developed play routine by adding a quick, fun, reinforcer, like a bell! Ding, Ding. Give the bell a ring when they finish their puzzle or sort their colored blocks. Kids love hitting a bell when they complete a task and then be sure to be SUPER HAPPY for them that they did it! Now see how many times they can complete the puzzle or how FAST they can do it all the way through – 3 times in a row!
  4. INCORPORATE GROSS AND FINE MOTOR SKILLS into the activity. Add in a run or a crawl, or a roll BEFORE we hit the bell! Amp up those gross and fine motor skills to get the body regulated and able to process information more efficiently!
  5. SENSORY INTEGRATION- Use sensory objects during your PLAY! Add in play-dough, kinetic sand, regular sand, shaving cream, orbeez, rice sensory box/bean sensory box, perler beads, shredded paper, cotton balls, pom poms, water, the list goes on and on! Watch my video on how to make a sensory box here!
  6. EXTEND YOUR PLAY– incorporate a tunnel or a scavenger hunt! Search and find the pieces to make a regular play routine even more fun, engaging and longer! Drag out normal play routines such as bubbles by adding prompts, pauses, requests, etc. You can do it!

Additional Ways to Improve Your Child's Attention Span

Additional Ways to Improve Your Child’s Attention Span

Limit i-pad and screen time. Increase play by helping mommy or grandma with chores/daily routines, cooking, putting clothes away, etc!

Interaction is key! Find news ways to connect with your child to improve their attention.

Check out my website for more helpful tips about how to help you late talker or read more on the BetterMe BLOG!

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