Dana Cary - May 10, 2022

Develop Fine Motor Skills with 1 Exciting Game

A fun and easy OT game that is designed to target and increase developmental skills is Bug Rescue! This hands-on motor skills activity is easy to set up and no real cleanup is required. The Bug Rescue game in one of my favorite games for tele-therapy or regular in-person therapy. This game challenges our kiddos fine motor skills, motor planning skills, impulse control, and problem solving skills.

Fine Motor Skills Game Materials

Fine Motor Skills Game Materials

  • Tupperware or Open Container
  • Painters Tape or Scotch Tape
  • Cotton balls or Pom Poms (Optional, small plastic bugs or erasers)
  • Tweezer/Tongs (Optional)

How to Play Fine Motor Skills Bug Rescue

How to Play

The goal of the bug rescue game is to build a spider web that the bugs will be rescued from.

  1. Take your Tupperware box and place the cotton balls inside.
  2. Then take your tape and create a zig-zag pattern over the top of the Tupperware. The more tape we add the more difficult the game will be. Adjust the difficulty level to what your child need to be challenged, but successful.
  3. Have the child reach into the container to reduce the “bugs” or cotton balls. They can practice using pincer grasp to pick up and remove as many bugs as possible. They can also use tongs/tweezer to increase the fine motor skills to remove the bugs as well.
  4. To make the game more challenging, have the student remove the cotton balls without touching any of the spiderweb! If they accidentally touch the side it become your turn. Whoever rescues the most bugs without touching the web wins.

How many bugs will your child be able to rescue?

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