Kelley Southard - February 02, 2022

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Branding Your Therapy Skills

Let me tell you a story from the beginning of my career:

Branding wasn’t a “thing” when I was started as a young therapists. I freely surrendered my marketable patient care talents to my employer. Yes, I was compensated for my work. But my extra touches, my extra therapy hustle wasn’t saved for my continued benefit.

Focusing on specialization skills and delivering outstanding customer service seemed to be my money-maker talents:

* I was the highest revenue therapist with a waiting list besides my schedule.
* I was steering patients to our clinic and my overflow supported other therapists.
* I created countless home exercise programs and shared my expertise with community outreach.

As a seasoned therapists, I reflect on how valuable I was to the clinic. Unfortunately, I gave away my brand of patient care to my employer. They profited from my drive and hustle. I handed over my creative intellectual property to my employer because I didn’t know how to protect and keep those associated with my patient care.

Now, I see young therapists making the same mistakes I did.

I want to help you protect your professional future. It’s time we branded ourselves as therapists. Not just our list of services and personalities that make us unique, but our creative ideas that make a skillset our own. The intellectual property that should be branded as your brand of patient care.

Comment with one word that represents your brand of patient care.


I’ve created a free guide on how to build your own professional therapist brand to protect your ideas and help patients find you! Grab the guide on our website.

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