Kelley Southard - January 26, 2022

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This changes the future of therapy

A young mom told me about her experience finding a therapist for her son recently.

She spent several frustrating hours online jumping between websites, social media, and making phone calls to clinics to ask about accepted insurances and new patient openings. She was trying to figure out which available clinic was a good fit for her son. Finally, after three hours, she made an appointment at a clinic nearby and waited anxiously unsure of her next steps.

The evaluation day arrived and she left the clinic in tears. Her son was referred for treatment by the clinic only to be placed on an inconsistent schedule with two different therapists! She didn’t have a chance to meet these therapists or ask them questions. It had been an investment in her time to even get to this moment and then she had no voice in her son’s treatment. She returned home crushed, discouraged and started the search again. This was not the experience she had expected.

This story is an opportunity for therapists to learn about their patients. No patient enjoys the frustrating search, phone calls, or roll of the dice on who their therapists will be. It’s a patient story we can’t continue to ignore.

The takeaway: There is a need for therapists to start branding themselves online for patients to find.

Therapists MUST think of their skills as a service product with a brand all of their own. This very gap in the market is what led me to create BetterMeTHERAPIES. A website for PT, OT, and SLP therapists to brand themselves, share their voice, and help patients find them. We are now empowered with more options to market ourselves and be found online without having to rely on employers.

Save this post for when you are ready to meet patients needs and be found online.


P.S.- This mom did eventually find a therapist she was happy with (even though she had to change twice). She told me she wished BetterMeTHERAPIES had existed when she was looking because the search would have been much faster, less frustrating, and empowered her choice to find the right therapist for her son the first time!

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