Kelley Southard - November 03, 2021

Stretch Baby Stretch: Reverse Poor Posture

Poor Posture at Desk

To reverse poor posture you may being an at-home exercise routine. However, exercises to build strength and reverse poor posture is not the only thing you need! Stretching is an integral part of everyone’s health and livelihood. Stretching protects our mobility, independence and can be used to relieve pain. Stretching keeps your muscles strong, long, and healthy. If you don’t stretch enough you muscles become shortened and tight putting you at risk for join pain, strains, and other injuries.

Today, we spend an exceeding amount of time sitting working, watch tv, and even driving. This lack of activity leads to poor muscle strength and poor posture. Poor posture can lead to rounded shoulder, hunched back, and even back and neck pain. Stretching for a happy back in one of the simplest ways to reverse these side effects or poor posture. These stretches will help elongate your muscles, keeping them relaxed, ease back pain, and improve your posture.

Stretch to Reverse Poor Posture

Stretch to Reverse Poor Posture

All you need for this easy stretch is a pillow and a comfortable place to lie down. Place the pillow just behind your body on a flat surface. Sit comfortably in front of the pillow.

Stretch with a pillow to reverse Poor Posture

Now lie back with your thoracic spine over the pillow as in the picture below, but keep your hands at your side. Take deep breathes and focus on relaxing your body. It may take a few deep breathes to relax. Feel your posture shift upwards as your shoulders and diaphragm stretch over the pillow. Hold the position for 30 seconds.

Move slowly and as you are comfortable stretch both arms overhead to elongate the stretch.

Find a physical therapist near you to create a more customized plan for reversing your poor posture.

Not ready to head into the office? Check out these other stretches to get reverse your poor posture!

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